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A wide range of specialised tapes for use in a variety of industries and applications.

Product & Features Thickness (mm) TOTAL Thickness (mm) BASE Adhesion (N/25mm) Tensile (N/25mm) Service Temperature
(min - max.° C)
Aluminium Foil
1012 30my Foil/Hot Melt with Liner 0.065 0.030 31   -15 / +75 upon order
1312 30my Foil/Acrylic with Liner
0.060 0.030 24   -40 / +120 upon order
1325 40my Foil/Acrylic self-wound
0.065 0.040 24   -40 / +120 upon order
Features: A range of high quality aluminium foil Tapes for a variety of insulation applications..
Aluminium Foil Band Butyl Tape / Foil Laminate / Synthetic Rubber Sealing / Flashing Tape
0316 Foil Laminate Butyl
+/- 10%   35 150 -40 / +90 upon order
Features: Foil Laminate / Synthetic Rubber Sealing/ Flashing Tape/ Foilband, laminated with a fixed foil backing is a high performance butyl tape, for higher specification conservatory construction
Metallised Polyester
1695 metallised polyester 0.045   6.5 150 -15 / +130 upon order
Features: Based on a Polyester film coated with a long ageing acrylic adhesive. Tape surface has been silver metallised. Use: Double Glazing seal, Mirror backing, Reflective backings. Also available in Red and Gold.
Anti-Dust Filtration Tape
ADT10, ADT16, ADT20, ADT25,ADT28,ADT30,ADT40,ADT60 anti-dust 0.51 (Total) 0.51 (Total) 24   -30 / +80 1 week
Features: The tape consist of a strong fleece material with a plastic top coat on one side and a durable acrylic adhesive on the other. Along the tape are central perforations covered by a non-woven filter. The filter is impregnated with an anti-mould and anti-algae agent.
Anti-Dust Tape is designed to seal the edges of multi-walled polycarbonate sheeting. Sealing against excessive dust and insects, the filter sections permit flow of air and moisture to reduce condensation.
Silicone Rubber / Fabric
2420 Napped tape surface 0.660   15 200 80 ° C short term in stock
2421 Smooth tape surface 0.400   15 200 50 ° C long term in stock
Features: These tapes are based on a silicone rubber coated rayon fabric to which has been applied a synthetic rubber adhesive. One grade has a napped (pimpled) surface and the other is smooth. The tape surfaces are highly resistant to clogging and prevent build-up of adhesive or other deposits on web transport rollers. They are ideal for wrapping over transport rollers as used in the converting industries. The surfaces have extremely low friction to prevent stretching or sticking.
pPVC Lane Marking / Hazard Warning
2721 marking/warning 0.18   7 87 80 upon order
Features: Based on a heavy duty film coated with a white aggressive adhesive. Used for marking out lanes on factory floors or warning against hazards. Colours: Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red. As a hazard tape (2724): Black/Yellow, Red/White, Green/White.
2724 marking/warning
0.13   7 68 80 upon order
Features: Striped PVC Hazard Warning Tapes, tough abrasion resistant, flexible sheeting coated, with an aggressive clear adhesive system.Black/Yellow & Red/White & Green/White.
2725 marking/warning
0.03 0.03       upon order
Book Binding Tape
5550-62 book binding tape 0.25   6 71 70 upon order
Features: A self-adhesive paper tape, based on an embossed, siliconised, self-coloured kraft paper. Available in Black, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Red and Yellow. It is widely used for binding the spine of cheque books, accounts books, brochures etc. The tape has an attractive embossed appearance, unwinds easily from the roll and is provided with a high tack aggressive adhesive.
Pipeline Identification
Features: Based on a 2-ply laminated tape structure. The printing is on a PVC tape which is laminated over with a very clear PP tape for protection and durability. The printing will either be in basic identification colours or with symbols. The use is for application to pipe lines in order to indicate what these pipes contain and the direction of the flow of the content. Rolls are supplied in 33m length and are available in varying widths.
Anti Hot-Spot Foam
Features: Based on a low density white foam tape coated with a long aging acrylic adhesive. The foam tape surface has a fixed polyester liner applied. Excellent UV resistance is offered and the tape has a life expectancy of about 20 years. The application is in the horticultural industry to prolong the life of plastic film or net covers which are applied over the frames in temporary greenhouses. The tape is applied to aluminium frames prior to the covering with plastic sheets or netting. The tape acts as an insulation layer reducing heat transmission and preventing the build-up of hot spots. The polyester liner on the tape surface prevents friction and abrasion of the plastic covers. The tape is usually supplied in 9 or l0mm widths

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