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Building and Construction Industry
This industry uses an extremely wide range of Adhesive Tapes and Sealants for a variety of building and construction work.
The product range available covers:

Bonding & Sealing

Single and Double Sided Foam Tapes - Expanding Foam Tapes - Rubber Resin Adhesive Bonding Tape

Gun Grade Sealants:
Non-drying Bedding, Butyl Rubber, Acrylic Emulsion, Acrylic Polymer with Fire Resistance

Sealants in Tape or Bead form:
Butyl Rubber, High Performance Cross-linked Butyl Rubber, Foil/Synthetic Rubber Laminates (Flashing Tape)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

For Ducting:
Silver Cloth Tapes
Aluminium Foil Tapes (with or without liner)
pPVC Insulation Tape (Fire Retardant)
Single Sided Foam Tape for ducting flanges

Inspection Hatches, Ducting Support:
Single Sided Foam Tape for air, dust & water seals

Pipe Insulation:
PVC Foam Tape for wrapping pipes

Electrical Insulation

pPVC Insulation Tapes
Self-Amalgamating Tapes
(Insulation properties, water resistance, Ozone resistance, easy & clean removal, excellent electrical properties, conformability, non hazardous)

Pipe Wrapping

pPVC or PE Wrapping Tapes
PIB Self-Amalgamating Tapes

Splicing, Jointing & Repairs

All Weather Tape: for splicing plastic sheetings

Aluminium Foil Tape : for sealing joints/laps on foil faced insulation

Waterproof Cloth Tapes: for general repairs

Protection & Masking

Indoor & Outdoor Protection Masks
- for temporary protection such as stainless steel windows and fittings, painted surfaces, etc

Paper Masking Tapes

Carpet Fixing

Carpet Tapes (double sided) - with permanent bond
Removable Carpet Tape (double sided) - temporary bond, tape removes cleanly leaving no adhesive.

PVC Lane Marking Adhesive Tape / Striped PVC Hazard Warning Tapes

Used for marking out lanes on factory floors, temporarily cordon off hazardous areas.
Warning against hazards / to mark out incident scenes, race courses, construction areas etc.
Fire fighting and first aid points.

Colours: Black/Yellow, Red/White, Green/White.

Anti-Dust Tape:

To seal multi-walled polycarbonate sheeting for roofs. Sheeting that is left with open ends will soon become contaminated with dust and insects. Anti-Dust Tape lets in air for ventilation preventing condensation but keeps dust out.
The UV resistant tape is manufactured from a unique combination of plastic materials giving Anti-Dust Tape a life expectancy of over 20 years.
Available in 25mm x 33 meter, 38mm x 33 meter,45mm x 33 meter

Special Purpose Applications

Expanding Foam: Tape expands to fill gaps
pPVC Striped Safety Tape: as a hazard warning tape
pPVC Coloured Tape: for lane markings
Metalised Silver Polyester Tape: for double glazing seals
Double Sided Tapes: For general fixing, mounting (name plates, mirror mounting)
Double Sided Foam Tape: For security glazing
Single Sided Foam Tapes with fire resistant properties (illustrated at foot of page)


Built In Fungicide-
The filter membrane is impregnated with its own fungicide to prevent it becoming clogged by mould growth.

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