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Markets and Applications:

Solutions for...


  • Non Woven Polyester Adhesive Tape - Wrapping of automotive electrical wiring harnesses

    • Bandages
    • Sports / Injury Tape
    • Bonding
    • Drug Infusion
    • Electrodes
    • Grounding Pads
    • IV Care
    • Medical Device Attachment
    • Medical Devices
    • Medical Dressing
    • Ostomy Devices
    • Surgical Drapes/Gowns/Tape
    • TENS
    • Wound Care

    • Zero halogen, fire retardent, low smoke and fume compounds for sheathing and insulating polymeric cables
    • Cable wrapping tapes and yams including swellable, semi-conductive, fire retardant, insulative, bitumenised and shielding tapes and glass strength members.
      - Water-swellable tapes and yarns for all types of cables
      - Semi-conductive tapes for energy cables
      - Fire retardent tapes for all cable types
      - Insulative tapes for energy cables
      - Bitumenised tapes for paper insulated lead cables
      - Shielding tapes principally for communicative cables
      - Flexible glass strength members principally for optical fibre
    • Jointing,terminating and repairing all types of cables.
      - Self-amalgamating tapes, mastics and stress control pads
      - Epoxy and polyurethane resins
      - PVC tapes
      - Impregnated papers


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