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Clear and Black for Sealing, Insulation, Protection and All Weather purposes.
Thickness (mm) Adhesion (n/25mm) Tensile
(max.° C)
PE Clear
2905 0.100 8 40 50 upon order
Features: Ideal for sealing tins and containers. Exceptional moisture restistance and conformability
PE Premium

0.150 9 45


upon order

Features: Flexible and waterproof tape with a thermoplastic adhesive. Suitable for splicing and repairing where a conformable tape is required, or for Electrical Insulation. 8 colours including Clear.

PE Black Heavy Duty
2907 0.205 good 60


upon order
Features: Extremely conformable, suitable for repairing plastics films. Can be used above and below ground for pipeline protection.
PE Black Low Tack Outdoor
1417 0.112 3.75 40 60 upon order
Features: Outdoor Protection Tape, Highly suitable to protect stainless steel/aluminium for up to 2 years. Resists UV, plaster, paints
PE Clear All Weather
1433 0.150 6 60 70 upon order
Features: Provided with a special UV resistant adhesive. Suitable for many outdoor repairs, especially polyethylene sheetings in tunnel greenhouse.

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