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Crepe Paper, Cellulose, Low Static, PVC, PP, Strapping, Anti-Counterfeit Tape and Printed Tapes and Dispensers.

Thickness (mm) TOTAL

Thickness (mm)

Adhesion (n/25mm) Tensile
(max.° C)
Self Adhesive Semi Crepe Paper
90mu Self Adhesive Semi Crepe Paper with Solvent Adhesive (Eco Paper)
0.120 0.090 6 90 60
95mu Self Adhesive Semi Crepe Paper with Hot Melt Adhesive
0.110 0.085 7 45 135
9064 Kraft Paper Packaging Adhesive Tape with Rubber Resin Adhesive
0.100 7 45
Features: Hot Melt similiar but with solvent adhesive.
Cellulose Clear - hot melt
1109 0.050 0.031 15 90 60
Features: Easy to handle with low static. High adhesion, release coated for easy unwind
Cellulose Clear - solvent
1101 0.060 0.032 6 90

Cellulose Clear - rubber/resin solvent
1100 0.047 0.043 6 90


Features: Similiar to cellulose 1109 but with solvent adhesive.

Cellulose Clear Low Static Tape - solvent adhesive
1120 0.045 0.030

Features: Transparent. Light Blue, individually wrapped rolls for sealing conductive plastic bags holding electrostatic sensitive devices.
PVC Clear / Brown / White
pvc clear / brown / white 0.055 0.034 5.2 125 60
Features: Strong water resistant packaging tape, also suitable for printing
PVC Colours - red, light blue, dark blue, yellow, green, orange, black
pvc colours 0.058 0.037 5.2 135 60
Features: Suitable for packaging, coding and printing.
PP Clear and Brown - hot melt
1252 0.046 0.028 15 100 50
Features: All-round strong water resistant packaging tape with very high adhesion. Easy to unwind
PP Clear / Brown / White - solvent
pp clear / brown / white 0.048 0.028 4.5 100 60
Features: Similiar to PP Clear and Brown but with solvent adhesive
PP Strapping - orange
1050 0.068 0.050 17.5 400 80
Features: Very strong tape for strapping and bundling. Hot melt adhesive
PP Glassfibre Mono Directional Filament
1010 118 g/m2 15 600 80

Features: Very strong tape for strapping and bundling. Hot melt adhesive.This low cost packaging tape is designed for applications such as coding, identifying, bundling and similar.The red transparent colour of the tape also makes it suitable for some technical applications in the graphics and printing industries.


Desk Dispenser - small
33 meter rolls
25 mm maximum tape width
Desk Dispenser - large
66 meter rolls
25 mm maximum tape width
Bench Dispenser
132 meter rolls
50 mm maximum tape width
Dual Core Dispenser
33 / 66 meter rolls
25 mm maximum tape width
Hand Case Sealer
132 meter rolls
50 mm maximum tape width
Bag Neck Sealer (see below)
66 meter rolls
9 mm maximum tape width

A bag neck sealer is available which applies the tape around the neck of the plastic bag. This dispenser is of strong metal construction and will provide many years of effective service.

Packing: 10 bag neck sealers per case

Bag Neck Sealing Tape

Polyethylene bags are widely used for food packaging, such as vegetables and meat, most commonly employed in retail outlets. It provides a hygienic and airtight presentation.

The strong PVC adhesive tape used for sealing these bags are available in a range of colours, for colour coding, and are used in two different dimensions:

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Black

Tape Dimensions:
9mm x 66m - 192 rolls per case (most commonly used width)
12mm x 66m - 144 rolls per case

Non Adhesive Barrier Tape

Supplied from stock in both red / white chevron and black / yellow chevron . Supplied in own card dispenser.

The PVC tape used for cordoning off areas:

Tape Dimensions:
This material is a 20 micron film
72mm x 500m - 1 roll per case - £4.50 per roll Ex-works, MOQ 4 rolls

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