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(A range of non-hardening sealants for use in the building, construction and transport industries. Supplied in cartridges for gun application or extruded as tape or beads in roll form)

Product Number Colour Density
Service Temperature
(min - max.° C)
Non-drying Bedding Sealant 0100 Grey / Cream 1.6 -40 / +90
Features: Skinning / bedding sealant with permanent flexibility. 15 years durability. Maximum joint movement 5%.. Used in Roofing, Cladding, Glazing, Heating / Ventilation, Transportation as waterseal.
GP skinning Sealant 0150 White / Grey / Teak 1.76 -40 / +70
Features: Permanently flexible, paintable after skinning. 5 years durability. Maximum joint movement 5%. Used as sealant in Glazing with low joint movement.
Butyl Rubber Sealant 0152 White / Grey / Teak 1.66 -40 / +80
Features: Durable, permanently GP sealant. Remains soft under tough/resiliant skin. Good joint movement (15%). Durability 10 years. For Roofing and Cladding
Acrylic Emulsion Sealant 0202 White 1.6 -20 / +70
Features: Very fast curing, non-cracking. Good resristance to dirt pick-up. Can be painted after skin formation. For interior / exterior glazing. Bonds well to uPVC. Sealing masonry/brickwork. Joint movement 15%. Durability 10 years minimum..
Intumescent Acrylic Emulsion Sealant 0217 White    
Features: Indoor sealant for low movement joints. In event of fire sealant will swell and provide a fire resistant char. Tested to BS476, part 22.
Tapes and Beads
GP Butyl Rubber Sealant
0303 Grey / Black / White / Teak Buff 1.7 -40 / +90
Features: Non-hardeneing, permanently flexible synthetic rubber strip sealant. Joint movement 10%. Durability 20 years +. For Air, Dust, Water Seals in Buildings, Caravan, Transportation industry.
HP Cross-linked Butyl Rubber Sealant
0390 Black 1.1 -40 / +90
Features: Non-hardening, permanently flexible high performance sealant with Adhesive Properties. Joint movement 20%. Durability 20 years minimum. Suitable for use in contact with water. For high performance sealing in Building / Commercial Vehicle industries, Pond Lining. Can be used for bonding materials together, sealing water tank seams.
HP Cross-linked Butyl Rubber Sealant
0311 White / Teak / Black / Grey 1.48 -40 / +90
Features: High density and elongation. A high performance butyl strip sealant supplied in Beads. Suitable for joining of waterproof membranes such as damp proof membranes and vapour control layers, higher specification roofing applications such as sealing of roof lights, sealing in many caravan applications. NFRC classification A.
HP Cross-linked Butyl Rubber Sealant - 0311
Product Type
Sealant based on a blend of synthetic rubbers and inert fillers
Not applicable
6mm (in rolls of 8m)
1.48 g/cm3
+/- 1mm
Joint Movement
+/- 20%
Temperature range
-40 to +90 ° C.
Application Temp
>4 ° C.
20 years plus
Shelf Life
1 year in dry conditions at 20 ° C.
UV Resistance
Very good
No known hazards
Water absorption
Surface Preparation
Contaminant free
HP Cross-linked Butyl Rubber Sealant
0320 Black 1.19 -40 / +100
Features: High performance, relatively hard compression sealant. Required where harder sealant with higher service temperature. Joint movement 20%. durability 20 years +.
Foil Laminate / Synthetic Rubber Sealing/ Flashing Tape
0314 Aluminium, Lead look, White   -40 / +90
Features: Bases on a blend of synthetic rubbes and fillers (0311), extruded on as a flat strip to form a roll, with plastic foil laminate to one side. Durability is 20 years +. Synthetic rubber remains permanently flexible, highly puncture resistant, resistant to UV light, water vapour, water vapour and acid rain. Used in:
Glazing Sealing of T-bars
Building Repair cracks in concrete, sealing joints where conservatory or garden rooms meet house.
Roofing / Cladding Replaces flashing around chimneys, repair leaks in joints.

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