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A PTFE Tape coated with an aggressive Silicone-Acrylic adhesive designed for various applications in the printing, coating and extruding industries.

Average Specifications:

Substrate PTFE
Adhesive Aggressive Silicone-Acrylic
  • Substrate
  • Adhesive
  • Total
0.051 mm
0.038 mm
0.089 mm
Tensile Strength 50 N/mm2
Elongation 100%
Peel Adhesion 4 N/cm
Dielectric Strength 9.000 Total Volts
Service Temperature -73 / +260 ° C
Availability in stock

An alternative with a substrate thickness of 0.127mm is available as special manufacture.


PTFE tape is used to repel unwanted material and substances and therefore has high release characteristics with exceptional temperature performance. It is used in:

Sizes Available:

50mm x 33m ex stock. Other widths to order.

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