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Ranging from General Purpose to Very High Temperature performance. Various adhesive types. Our MOQ is for 25mm - 4320 rolls, for 50mm - 2160 rolls.
Thickness (mm) Adhesion (n/25mm) Tensile
(max.° C)
Masking - General Purpose
6010 0.125 12.5 87 60
Features: Impregnated medium creped paper with hot melt rubber resin adhesive. For general purpose masking/packaging.
Masking - Standard
Standard - 140 micron 0.140 +/- 0.010 > 9.0 89 80
Features: Orange, Light Yellow, Green and Red impregnated medium creped paper with hot melt rubber resin adhesive. Quick adhesive, easy to peel, no residual, easy to write on. Used for indoor decoration, painting masking, packing, bundling and enforcing, cleaning cotton fiber. We have ISO 9001:2000 and fit for European Union RoHs. Other colours are available upon request.
Masking - High Temperature
2556 0.180 7.5 90 30 min /° C
10 min /° C

Features: Impregnated lightly creped paper with thermally stable rubber resin adhesive. For high temperature masking.

Masking - Very High Temperature
2595 0.175 6 790 2 hrs/200 ° C
3 cycles each - 30 mins at 180 °C
Features: Impregnated lightly creped paper with thermostable silicone based adhesive for very high temperature/multiple stoving.

Smooth Masking Paper Tape

Developed in variety of colours

(back saturated water proof),

Rubber solvent adhesive,

Packed to any requirements.

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