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General Description :

A range of high quality aluminium foil tapes for a variety of insulation applications, most commonly used in the building and construction industry.
There is a choice of adhesives, either hot melt for maximum adhesion but limited temperature resistance, or pure acrylic with superior temperature performance. Some grades are supplied on a liner, others are available self-wound (without a liner).

Average Specification :

1012 1312 1325
Aluminium Substrate
Adhesive Hot Melt Pure Acrylic Pure Acrylic
- Foil
- Adhesive
- Total
Liner wound Yes Yes No - self
Adhesion 31N/25mm 24N/25mm 24N/25mm
Temp. Range (°C) -10 / +60 -20 / +120 -20 / +130
Availability upon order upon order in stock

1022 Aluminium Foil / Film / Square Scrim Laminate Tape


Used in the construction industry. The foil scrim laminate has been approved to B.S476 fire standards. Test Methods : BS 3924:1978

Average Specifications:
Thickness, adhesive plus carrier 0.17mm
Foil / film laminate
Infra-red reflectivity (relating to emissivity)
85 %
Adhesive Type Ruber Resin
Coat weight of the adhesive 30-35 gsm
Release liner weight 62 g/m²
Peel Adhesion 1000 N/m
Polyester Loop Tack 900 N/m
Release from Liner 10 N/m
Tensile Strength, Machine Direction 4000 N/m
Tensile Strength, Cross Direction 2100 N/m
Elongation at Break 5 %
Service Temperature Range - 10 to 60 °C
Recommended Application Temperature Range 5 to 25 °C
Moisture Vapour Permeability Less than 1 g per m², 24h at 40 °C, 90 % R.H
Sheer Adhesion, 1 Kg @ 23 °C 15 Hours
Shelf Life 12 Months

FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft) Tape

General Description:

A reinforced aluminium foil tape.

The tape is based on a 7 micron aluminium foil, reinforced with a 3 way fibreglass scrim kraft, and with a water based acrylic adhesive. It is a self-adhesive tape.


Used for sealing joints and seams against moisture and vapour on foil jacketing insulation

Average Specifications:
Aluminium Foil Substrate 7 microns
Fibreglass Scrim Kraft
Waterbased Acrylic Adhesive Yes
Release Paper 60 g/m²
Total Thickness 140 microns
Peel Adhesion 14 N/25mm width
Roller Tack 0.1N/25mm width
HS Code:

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