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3160 Waterproof Cloth Tape

  • 3160 is a standard grade, polyethylene laminated, waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive 3160 is available in black, white and silver.

  • Designed as a general purpose waterproof cloth tape.
  • Used for sealing, bundling,short term masking and protecting
  • Excellent for jointing polyethylene sheeting in asbestos removal applications.
  • Double glazing unit sealing.
  • Medium temperature duct sealing.
  • Carpet joining and edging.

  • Good water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion and strength
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Easy tear
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Good all purpose product
  • Service Temperature -10 to +75 °C
    Thickness mm 0.155
    Tensile Strength N/cm 35
    Adhesion to Steel N/cm 5
    Adhesion to Backing N/cm 3

  • Roll length : 25 metres, 50 metres
  • Roll width : 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • Core : Cardboard core
  • Packaging : Bulk packed using interleaving sheets between layers./Shrink wrapped in packs of 4 *Note: Information on stock items, non-standard sizes and colours, and lead times is available on request *Dependant on size/colour combination


    Rolls should be stored flat on their cut edges in the original packaging. The product must be protected from dust, heat, moisture, direct sunlight and solvent fumes. Service life will vary with conditions of use and is affected by climatic environment, but should not be less than two years from date of manufacture, if stored in a moderate climate and good conditions.Usage is recommended within one year.

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