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The Matrix Resurrections - The original Matrix financial sucess was due to required rewatching

The original Matrix raised consciousness:
  1. A subconscious, fabricated, unseen, top-down "Master : Slave", tyrannical mass control system.
  2. Social engineering precludes our determined existence. "Realising that you are in a simulation", breaks that boundary.
  3. Incomprehensive, subservient populations are exploited, under a police state, to harvest our lifelong energies.
  4. Authorities control all aspects of a system, so society is hopelessly dependent in a mind-controlled perception.
  5. Programming 90's computers to communicate to like minded others, could gain self determination; consciousnesses.
  6. Plato's Cave of just believing that it was possible to escape the hive mind.
Since then:
  1. All aspects of phones, internet providers, satellites, routers are spied on by FBI, CIA, NSA, GCHQ, Mossad, MI6 via PRISM and Pegasus.
  2. Endless wars, with no specific reason, and drones are deployed on civilians foreign and domestic.
  3. Exorbitant debt, like the devaluing Dollar, privately run from "Federal Reserve" for printing money, borrowing and mortgages.
  4. Addictive television keeps the public docile and indoctrinated
  5. Social media, Face'berg, You Tube, Twitter, Bitchute, Google, etc all ban channels, block content and ghost post.
  6. Government keeps soceity in lock down with regulations, drugs, passports, pandemics and cameras.

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